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A festive family gathering, a leisurely get-together with friends, an elegant business dinner... Take any intimate setting, add your favorite guests, a pinch of curiosity and wonder, and top everything off with Martin Lübcke's stunning magical artistry. Stir slightly and enjoy this deliciously captivating mixture that no one will be able to resist!

Have you ever had the desire to turn back time? Do you dream about conjuring money out of thin air? In Martin Lübcke's intimate circle you are the star of the evening! Objects will vanish and re-appear and you will wow others with expertly performed card tricks. Right before their eyes and often even in the hands of the fascinated spectators, the most daring illusions will become reality.

Martin Lübcke will take everyone on a magical journey. His art defies words and explanation because one has to see it live to experience the thrill and enchantment of the illusions. And right when one almost believes to have even the tiniest idea how all this is done, the journey takes another turn and everyone is left with their mouth hanging open, suspended in disbelieve, unable to even clap. The performance will forever remain etched into the spectator’s memory.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the miracle. Open your hearts and cheer when inexplicable things occur. Let yourself be carried by the wave of amazement...

“Intimate Circle” works best for small gatherings and receptions up to 30 guests. Perfect as a surprise gift for family and friends.

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