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Tables float through the air, objects travel from one place to the next, a card that was just signed by an audience member appears only moments later frozen in ice… A thrilling show with the classic repertoire of the great magicians and the illusionist’s own breathtaking creations!

Sprinkled with generous amounts of quick wit and easy-going charm, plenty of situation comedy, unbelievable technical skill and just the right amount of showmanship, Martin Lübcke’s performances offer an electrifying glimpse into the mesmerizing world of wonder. Even the most pragmatic guests will leave reality behind after only a few minutes and end up as true believers, enjoying these brief moments of otherworldly bliss.

Tempted to have a try? Step right up and become the illusionist’s apprentice! No need to hesitate, just believe in your magical powers! The confidence in your wondrous abilities will grow with each illusion. In the end, you walk off stage amidst thunderous applause. Still held captive in the daze of amazement, you will be proud and delighted to have experienced this other side of reality…

This stage show is ideally suited as a dazzling opening act or as the unforgettable highlight of your event. From 10 to 90 minutes. Perfect in combination with table-to-table magic for stunning amusement throughout the evening.

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