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Whether at a cocktail party or a gala dinner – Martin Lübcke will draw your guests into the captivating realm of magic and delight them with close-up illusions either at their table or as the strolling magician in the crowd. At the right moment, he will create bewildering amusement, perfect illusion, and ignite a lively conversation! Can we still trust our senses?

Experience how mysterious and surprising things occur - rubber bands, coins, and invisible playing cards will pose riddles for all! The constantly changing program will be enriched by the spontaneous contributions of its audience. You never know what will happen, and that is part of the magic, literally. The eyes of your guests will suddenly sparkle with wonder and a childlike belief in true miracles will return. Hours pass in a flash, but the unique moments of happiness will linger.

When the music starts and the roar of the crowd dominates, the magician falls silent. Still, the poetry of his movements will continue to amaze and transport the audience into the world of fantasy.

Enjoy the countless moments full of suspense and laughter. Believe that real magic does exist! All who are lucky enough to experience this evening with you will have the time of their lives and make your event the talk of the town!

Close-up illusions are versatile. They can be ideal ice-breakers, entertaining distractions at the buffet line, and suspenseful interludes between courses. We will be happy to conjure up a program just for you.

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