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Lipsticks make a surprise appearance in a card deck, confections surface in your hand, the liquid in a bottle is replaced by an everyday object from the audience, random words in a newspaper article are shuffled and transformed into your company’s name…

Enchant your customers and motivate your employees! Martin Lübcke’s individually tailored illusions make the impossible possible and will shine the spotlight on your company. His energy itself is part of the magic -- drawing everyone into a positive, interactive experience as he presents extraordinary feats with your product. Current promotional messages will be transmitted in an informative, targeted, and memorable way.

Magical interludes at your trade show or convention booth will raise interest, gather attention, and offer an exciting and lively atmosphere. The illusions will be able to highlight a special feature or a newly designed aspect of your product and will certainly inspire lively discussions focused on your brand. More customer contacts and higher product recall – guaranteed!

We will gladly present you with magical possibilities that fit your promotional goals. Shows performed in German and in English.

  Deutsch Inquire about the magical possibilities for your event at martin@magischeillusionen.de English  
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