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“Your magic defies description! This was elegant and moving entertainment for our small gathering. On stage one might think that all of this is a trick. But I sat right next to you, watched very carefully and did not notice anything. It was an unforgettable evening that we hopefully will be able to repeat very soon!”
Solveyg Schlak, Berlin, Germany

“Your performance brought back the magical memories of childhood. After this, we must again believe that anything is possible.”

George Heery, Atlanta, USA

"What a perfectly magical evening! I hope Martin will return next year so that I can bring all my family and friends. They have no idea what they missed, and I hope that they can share this wonderful experience with me next time."
Clara Foster, Charlotte, USA

“Wonderful performance at the Chapman Cultural Center last night! Our son Drew wanted to practice his magic set when we got home. He kept on saying, "I will be like Martin one day!"
Dennis Crunch Chynoweth, Spartanburg, USA

“I have never seen anything like it! We still talk about your unbelievable magic and the charming presentation. In the beginning I thought that all this must have a reasonable explanation. But when I asked for the chocolate ice-cream bar with nuts and you made it appear out of thin air, I was speechless. You could not have known my choice ahead of time! Thank you for an evening filled with wonder!”
Ingeborg Schlie, Berlin, Germany

“Your performance was just “breathtaking”… My daughter Magda and I talked about you and your magic for a long time. I really hope that one day we will be able to enjoy another one of your performances.”

Andrea Striepen, Athens, USA

“Thank you for the unbelievable magic show on my 70th birthday! The illusions between courses were greatly enjoyed by all. I paid really close attention and cannot even begin to understand how any of this is possible. Just wonderful!”
Gisela Gärtner, Berlin, Germany

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